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Mientras aún quede café (English Version)
While there’s still coffee

Title: While there’s still coffee
Series: One-shot
Author: Mochita-chan
Pairs: KangSung (mentions of broken!KangTeuk, Onesided!YeTeuk and TeukSora)
Type: Romance, Comfort
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Banned from any bar of Korea after his return, Kangin will find the less expected place to drown sorrows.

After attending the last two girls who ordered lattes for the day, Yesung finally could end another daily round of Mouse Rabbit. He had to thank his huge popularity; because there would not be other way they got so many clients. Attending a coffee shop wasn’t that complicated, especially if coffee was his first love, of course after…

He let out a sigh, trying to forget the end of that sentence and was about to take out his broom before closing the store. But he still couldn’t finish the day, since there was someone else left at one table.

He could see from the counter someone curled at the far table at the corner, hiding his head between his arms, inside a big grey hoodie. The table had many paper cups. Five caramel macchiato, three mochas, two Americans and a sweet potato latte, to be precise, maybe that was the biggest sale they ever did for a single costumer since the opening.

–Hey, dude. We’re about to close – tried to warn Yesung, getting closer to grab his shoulder.

–Leave me here, I won’t touch anything until tomorrow – said the costumer, not facing the barista yet.

–That’s impossible, or mom- I mean, the owner won’t approve and… – wait a minute, he could recognize that voice and those shoulders size. Even more, he had seen that hoodie before –Youngwoon?! What are you doing here?!

His shoulders got tense, but he still didn’t turn to him, trying to hide it even more.

–That’s a very common name, I’m sure half of the world has it, even you.

–Stop pretending. If you really know what’s my name, which means it’s definitely you, stupid raccoon.

–Nope. That’s because your tag has your name on it – then he had to give up, so Kangin tool off every clothes that covered his face – I’m sorry, there’s no guess price this time

–There’s never prize. But that’s not important. Have you been here the whole day? I’ve never served so much coffee to anyone.

–Decaf. I can exceed, but even I can’t extra limit my caffeine.

–Whatever. We’re about to close, so if you want, you can wait for me until I finish closing.

–I don’t wanna go back home.

–Hey, there are lots of bars and karaoke places out there that are open 24/7 and we’re about to close.

–I can’t go to any of those.

Yesung kept quiet when he remembered it. Since Kangin got back from the army, the news about the bar brawl and the DUI didn’t die yet. Even if Kangin wasn’t that dumb to trip on the same rock for third time, because let’s face it, he already did it twice, the press, the netizens and the paparazzi didn’t forgive that easy.

He could understand those moments. Kangin didn’t have a place to sorrow. He couldn’t be alone in his apartment; everyone knows solitude was the best way to wake up the blue demons, while having a lot of known people in the room drain free space for private reflection. Yesung could guess Kangin needed a public space where nobody knows him enough to try to enter in his head, a place where he could retain some sort of controlled privacy.

–Well, I guess I can close and let you stay a few more hours. I still need to count the register – said a doubtful Yesung.


–Hey, by the way … from all the dinners and 24-hour places, I’m surprised you chose this place, since we close at midnight. I mean… the fans may recognize you and all that…

–I came here because this place is yours.

When he heard that, Yesung was very touched. Could it be possible that really deep inside, Kangin estimated him? Could it be possible that somebody from his group finally had the feeling that Yesung was a trustworthy person to have around, even as silent company?

–Wow. I don’t know what to say… But… Thanks for trusting me. I know we aren’t very close, after all.

–Yeah… and speaking of that… I have a special discount for being an acquaintance of the owners, right?

Moment of silence. Yesung squeezed the grip of his broom and extended his hand to his band mate.

–32000 won, including tips. We accept credit cards, except yours, so you have to pay cash and don’t forget to close the door behind you – answered flat.

How can you charge your friend? He practically lives with you – intervened Yesung’s mom, who just arrived from the storage.

–But umma! – protested the blonde.

–Don’t listen to him, Youngwoon-ah. You’re welcome and you can order whatever you want – said Mrs. Kim with a wide smile.

–Thank you so much, ajumma – responded the big guy.

From the counter, Jongjin, Yesung’s younger brother, was already
writing the amount in the book. His mother was right, opening an account book for Super Junior was the best decision. And end of the month was so close.


An hour later, after the business was closed to the public, Yesung’s family already left, while Yesung stayed at the store to close at whatever hour Kangin would want to leave. During all that time, Kanging was sipping from his mug every once in a while, sighing sadly when he finished each sip of coffee.

Watching him like that was getting Yesung’s attention, after all they were the only people at the place. Even he had to admit it, he haven’t seen Kangin so depressed since that time management made him take his hiatus.

–It isn’t a good day, right?

–That’s and euphemism. This wasn’t a great year, exactly.

–Come on. You came back and the fans welcomed you, we all did.

–Well… Not everyone.

Yesung looked at him and noticed how Kangin’s eyes were turning more melancholic. He took the chair nearby and sat down in front of him at the table.

–Ok. I must guess all of this has been for a while.

–Yeah… a bit before I went to the military.

–I knew it – Yesung took Kangin’s mug and took a sip. He still couldn’t get accustomed to decaf, it was like sterilizing a puppy, but he had to ignore the drink’s taste – You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want…

–No. It’s all right. I trust you – said Kangin – But if you tell anyone, I’ll follow you, I’ll find you and I’ll punch you so hard that your kids will born dizzy.

–I take the risk – answered sarcastically – I even brought my friend Jack to make things lighter – said when he took out the whisky bottle he stored under the counter. Never knows when it can be helpful.

–Can you? Aren’t you lightweight?

–Bah, like Americans say lately. YOLO! – said Yesung, to then give a drink to the bottle, only to make a funny face from the taste.

–Don’t say that. Sounds stupid – said Kangin with a laugh, while drinking his sip, holding his liquor better.

–Who owns everything that surrounds you in this room? All Mine. So fuck you, it’s a cool motto.

–You took it from a hip-hop video.

–You Only Live Once! YOLO! – declared Yesung once more before taking another shot.

After meditating the situation for a while, and swallow his alcohol, finally Kangin decided to express what was in his head.

–I screwed things up with the bad decisions I’ve been making. Teukie… he was always taking my crap until the DUI thing and that was the last drop. And I know he did everything he could to endure, but the tension was so heavy by this point...

Yesung listened quietly. It wasn’t common for Kangin to talk about his love life, especially about that long five year relationship with Leeteuk, and it wasn’t a surprise, it was something both had in secret because of the expected reactions from the others, their group, the company, the fans, their families… To Yesung it was never a secret, because he was the one always closer to Leeteuk, noticing all his humor changes.

–Teukie is very strong to endure all the tension, but everyone has a limit. It’s not your fault, because shit happens. Like all relationships, I guess it was for good you two took a break.

–Hey, I naver said Teukie and I were in…

–Please. You two know how to pretend well, but I’m not blind. I’m always near Jungsoo hyung – said Yesung – I am there every time he tries to calm his nerves before a performance, when he falls asleep in the livingroom’s couch and I put him a blanket… and when your DUI happened, hyung cried on my shoulder.

–I… am very sorry.

–Don’t worry. I guess then you’re sad because it’s been a month since hyung left to the army and you two couldn’t patch things up.

–It’s not about that – Kangin took another shot of whisky – I was a fool when I thought I could let everything cool for so long. But how could I forbid him. Teukie is owner of his life. He just moved on and someone else appeared.

Gulped and looked at the table. Yesung also knew Kangin was right. The things between Leeteuk and Sora were beyond TV chemestry, it was very obvious even for the audience. It was impossible that the two people who knew Leeteuk better than anyone didn’t notice it. It only took 15 minutes of We Got Married for all possible attempt of denial to become ridiculous.

–Then it’s like that? You’re just going to give up just like that? – questioned Yesung.

–You know as well that Teukie is looking for a future and a family. That’s something he won’t get with me, and with Sora it’s almost a fact when he comes back from his duties. I… would be a selfish jerk if I forbid Teukie from all that he wants; after all I wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with in years.

–Don’t trash yourself that much. It’s not your fault. After all, Hyung is… special – Yesung looked vaguely at his mug while he thought about his mental image of the leader – He’s a very clear and true person, who puts himself below the others and in rare occasions you can see his weakness moments. Always with a smile even if things are south, and if he is happy for a while, the best thing is for him to keep it as long as possible… The person who found him is very lucky.

After noticing the silence, Yesung look to his friend at the lack of a response. He was faced with a perplexed look from Kangin, who was absorbed with everything Yesung just said.

–You loved him too? – asked the younger one, which prompted Yesung to almost fall back with the chair.


–I haven’t see you talk like that since that time when you explained all the benefits of drinking coffee. Or since that time when you gave the speech for your mom’s birthday. No, scratch all that, this one was even more passionate. How long?

Couldn’t scape. Now he was the exposed one. Oh, what the hell, they were in sincerity mode, anyway.

–Since second year of trainee periods. Jungsoo hyung helped me to choose seats at my first chorus class and then helped me with my audition song at the piano. Since then, we’ve been assigned together at everything … but I never told him anything. What if I screw everything up? I like things with hyung like they’re now, even if he’s happy with someone else…

Kangin poured more whisky for both of them and they drank together, followed by Yesung’s funny face and a burp from Kangin.

–Even when hyung was happy with you. You two were so polar opposites and had so little in common that it made no sense. That’s how I understood you two were perfect together. And yes. You’re an ass for letting him go away, but I respect you because you came back thinking more about him than yourself.

–You’re so… you. You could even have a chance if you spoke to Teukie before.

–Oh, please. Look at me. I am Yesung, king of the Epic Fail. Do you think that if I had something with Jungsoo hyung it would have lasted enough to not break my heart?Maybe you are saying you screwed everything up, but with my luck I bet I would have been worse.

–Jongwoon, look at me – said Kangin with a faint tone of liquor in his words – You’re adorable. Even I am saying that. You’re so special and unique that Teukie would have treasured you, with epic fails and everything. I say this to you because I’ve always admired how you could stand up and assume everything after the shit happened. I admire you because you’re a much better singer than me and you have opened two businesses where I’m currently sorrowing my shame. You have done much more than I could ever do at the same time. Come here. Give me a hug.


Before he could stop him, Kangin already stood up, went to his side and
rushed over, pinning him to the floor. After a failed attempt to push him away, Yesung finally gave up and let Kangin give him his Special Bear Hug. Against the floor. Oh, what the hell. After all, YOLO!

And with YOLO, and half a bottle of Jack Daniels in his head, Yesung gave Kangin a sudden kiss, tasting the whisky combined with the decaf coffee in his mouth. Kangin, too shocked to push him away, was rigid, incapable of moving his arms. Just that and gravity were enough to cut the kiss and Yesung stopped himself for air and to agitate his arms frenetically.


–What the fuck?! Are you already too drunk or what?! – exclaimed Kangin once he recovered the control of his body, but he was still pinning him to the floor.

–I never could be with Jungsoo hyung. Being with you maybe will be the closest I’ll ever be to him… maybe… remotely… – explained with shame, turning his eyes away from him, followed by a mood swift to hysteria and covered his face with his hands – I’m pathetic! Stop looking at me!

–Yeah, you’re pathetic… But not because of that you have less dignity than myself right now – admitted Kangin, turning the look away also ashamed.

–Why are you saying tha…? Oh… – asked Yesung when he noticed that other parts of his body were also very alive. After all, whisky not only moved some emotions.

–Don’t judge me. It has been a while.

–Then if all happens, you won’t look at me weird afterwards, right?

–Just if you don’t act too obvious afterwards.

–Who talks about been obvious. I’m not the one with an erection poking my leg.

–You’re a hypocrite. The Netizens have named you “Yeyeconda” for something.

–Then that gives me enough rights – said to then immediately kiss Kangin again.

He had to admit that Kangin really knew how to kiss. Not that he had enough experience to compare, but when the younger tongue invaded his mouth, Yesung’s head felt like being shot to the clouds. Whatever. He even had to admit Kangin was sexy. Not his accustomed sexy archetype, but it was the first time he could feel protected by someone. Who cares if people said Kangin was still overweighed, Yesung was starting to like the feeling of Kangin’s flesh between his hands, especially when his small hands went down to the younger guy’s pants and grabbed his back, sliding his pants down.

Without realizing, Kangin had already undressed Yesung quicker, while still entertained with his neck and collarbone.

–I want to make it clear that I’m doing this because it’s you. I could not do this with someone else than Teukie… – said Kangin.

–If you want to know something weird… in this moment I’m not thinking in hyung.

They continued to make out, and when they finished with their underwear, Yesung jumped when he felt fingers in his ass.

–What the fuck?! – exclaimed Yesung.

–Don’t you know how this works? One puts it in, and the other takes it.

–I already know how it works. When did you decide to go on top?

–I am already on top of you.

–You know what I mean!!

–Don’t get worked. It’s like you never… – moment of realization – This is your first time.

–Of course not!! – Yesung denied by instinct, only for him to turn away ashamed – Ok, this is my first in this situation.

–Look, it’s not that hard. You get used soon.

–Then why are you not receiving?

–Because I’m not dumb and I’m less drunk than you. I’ll be careful, ok?

And after vacillate for a while, Yesung gave in and let Kangin continue. He was making a good job of relaxing him, althought the sensation of the intruder fingers in his entrance was really weird, and after a while and lots of patience, Yesung was getting used to the new experience. When he knew he was ready, Kangin didn’t hesitate and started to dig deeper inside Yesungs body slowly.

Yesung whimpered loudly and grabbed the legs of the nearest chair. He couldn’t understand how the people used to this found this worthy of repeat. Kangin paused for a moment to give him time to adjust, and after some time he completed his entrance.

As the younger’s speed was increasing, Yesung breathed according  to the thrusts that was receiving while Kangin was also responsible for giving attention to his member, so that the two also enjoy the most from their bodies. He wasn’t thinking anymore, everything in sight was white. Or maybe he was still looking at the ceiling throughout the task.

Finally he reached that delicious sensation of orgasm that run through his whole body like a rush, releasing a pleased moan, for himto loose control again and hug firmly to Kangin, who was releasing himself inside. He didn’t want to think, while losing conciousness between the robust arms.


It was time already to open Mouse Rabbit, and Jongjin arrived to the coffee shop in his bike, with Sungjin, who was catching up since his return from the army.

–It’s not as bad as people describe it. It looks like a prison, but it’s just training and desk jobs – told Sungmin’s little brother, while the other boy opened the main door with his key.

–Yeah, just as I thought, but two years is still too long. I wouldn’t be able to endure the idea of missing the Star Trek II premiere while I’m there – laughed Jongjin.

The conversation was interrupted when both boys noticed they weren’t the first people already in. Yesung was preparing espressos at the machine, using sunglasses inside the room. Kangin was in the same table from last night, as they left him, trying to drink his own coffee.

–Hyung? Have you two being here all night? – asked Jongjin when he noticed his brother had the same clothes from last day.

–Aigo! Speak lower, Jongjin! You voice is like a thousand drills in my parietals.

–I’m surprised that you know what parietals are – snarked Kangin from his table, trying to contain his own headache.

–Says the same guy that let me sleep on the floor.

–I tried to take you to the storage, but you got rough and punched me in your sleep.

Jongjin and Sungjin left to the storage quietly. Both decided long time ago that their hyungs’ businessesshoud remain unknown, especially when the mental mathematics of the details from the scene never failed to give a general picture of what could have happened. After all, Sungjin already was familiar with the situations of his own hyung and Super Junior’s maknae.


When they left the coffee shop, Yesung and Kangin walked side by side very slowly, especially because Yesung had to get accustomed to that pain in his ass, literally. All the way was an uncomfortable silence. They didn’t hold hands, it would be ridiculous and too weird, principally after everything that happened hours ago. 


–I will never ever drink like that again. The hangovers are the worst.

–Nobody made you drink half a bottle knowing how light weighted you are – answered the bigger one, then taking a deep breath – But I’m man enough to not black out. Everything I said to you back there was true.

Yesung didn’t reply. He turned his head away from Kangin because his blush was so bright that everyone could notice it from two blocks away. He couldn’t talk either. He had so much to say, but everything bottled in his throat.

–Hyung… If you want us to not look at each other’s eyes for a while, I understand. I can text you until the shame vanishes or something.

–We’re still going to see each other. You still owe me your ass for next time.

–Next time… – Kangin smiled when he heard that last bit – Then we can talk while there’s still coffee.

And the best part was that Yesung was the one selling coffee. It would be a while for it to run out.

The End.

We need more 2woon fics in the world.


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Mar. 14th, 2013 11:57 am (UTC)
Awwww ;A; Isn't this just the sweetest thing aw 2woon :')

"–Oh, please. Look at me. I am Yesung, king of the Epic Fail." Rofl I agree.

Ah, they're prolly not even awkward, but awww you write them so well!
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