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Algunas historias de Halloween (English ver.)
Some Halloween Tales

Title: Some Halloween Tales
Series: 1/2
Original Date: October 2009
Pairings: KangTeuk (Tsundere Teuk rlz), Kyumin, Ninja!Eunhae, Slight!YeBum
Genre: Humor-Crack
Rating: PG-13
Description: When each one of them decided to make plans separately for October 31st, Halloween is not the only supernatural event of the day. Happy Halloween :D

The sound of the splattered blood and the motor of the chainsaw invaded every single dark corner of the house. Her heart was pounding like a race, wanting to escape out of her mouth and making it hard to breath. The psycho had already killed all of her friends and only she was remaining.

Then the killer ended his task and, still covered in his victim’s gore, got closer and closer to the closet she was hidden in.

–No! Get out by your left! Your OTHER left! – yelled Shindong, while covering his head with a pillow when the piercing scream of the main character filled the living room.

Everyone was sitting in front of the TV, all over the couch, the armchairs and the rug, watching the horror movie in a giant screen and in the dark. The only people who weren’t scared at all, unlike everyone else, especially the paralyzed Siwon, were Kibum, Heechul, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. While Sungmin and Kyuhyun seemed to be gore-house fans, Heechul was bored. Kibum, by the other hand, the only thing he did was keep sit in his spot and yawn at least twice. The screams of death and the “Whoa”’s from the boys ended with the final credits of the movie. Leeteuk turned the lights on, only to see his band mates in deep silence.

–That was… AMAZING! – yelled a suddenly excited Donghae – Did you see that part when the girl ran and ran until she tripped and broke her leg? The bone was almost visible and the killer finished to separate it with the chainsaw! FREAKING AWESOME! Never thought blood would flow that strong from an amputee!

Siwon turned whiter, while his gestures made a strange combination of emotions, between all them, panic and gag-reflexes because of the visual references.

–Or that scene when the guy puts the hand in the hole and the hidden knives shredded it – also added Sungmin, taking his own fist during the mimic.

–Or the one where the head collector preserved the jock’s head with a… – Kyuhyun continued with the recap of “Phobia 4”, meanwhile a loud THUD! hit the floor and Ryeowook hurried to check the vital signs of a fainting Siwon.

–That was it? That was our free day? – complained Heechul, standing up with his short temper – Did I just spend the only free day we had locked in the apartment with all of you watching mindless gore-fest? – it was inexplicable how he could make that entire rhetoric question without air pauses.

–Cool, huh – said a deadpan Kibum, reading a book in his couch.

–But there’ll be no other chance to watch a movie all of us together in the same place, hyung… – intervened Eunhyuk – Even if it’s… “Bloodbath Fest”… – added that last one without that much enthusiasm.

–Besides it’s just a movie. Yucky. But it’s still fiction, so don’t be afraid. You can go out you’re your hide, Jongwoon-ah – said Leeteuk, facing to the dinner table.

–Who’s afraid? I was just looking for my coin –Yesung said in defense, popping his head out from the tablecloth. Just imagine him right now as a giant squared turtle. Cute, right?

–Denial, typical. You would come off with more dignity if you admitted being a chicken. Look at Siwon-ah – joked Kangin, pointing to the still faint gentleman.

–W-well. I still don’t get why we had to watch that kind of flick, while there are more now on cable, like… Look, we missed Ben Hur – said Yesung with the cable-guide in his hand, but nobody was paying him any attention. Frustrated for being ignored once again, he went to refuge again inside his under-the-table-fort.

–Anyway. Tomorrow is October 31st, so we have activities scheduled for the whole day. Manager hyung said that after the agenda, we have the night free to make plans – explained Leeteuk to his team.

–We’re going to Trick or Treat this time. Right, Hyukie? – said Donghae with his puppy eyes.

–Of course! We have been planning it for months and we even have our costumes – agreed the monkey.

–What are you?? Five?? – exclaimed Heechul.

–At least it’s better than going to a boring-ass company party – said Yesung from his under-the-table-fort – Youngwoon is the only one who has a date. Not fair.

Leeteuk did like he didn’t listened to what the big-head said and coughed a little. Kangin noticed the reaction from his leader and hurried to explain himself.

–It’s not a date. A producer wants to talk about a new TV-pilot.

–Oh, yeah. You’re going to a “business” reunion on a Saturday night. Good one, hyung – snarked Kyuhyun, earning a killer glare from Kangin, but the maknae just ignored him.

Leeteuk then looked at the clock. It was almost 2:00 a.m.

–Look how late it is and we have schedule early. Ok, to bed now, everyone.

–What to do with Siwon-ah, hyung? – asked Hankyung, worried about him.

–I’m sure he will wake up in three hours. His parents already know he will be fine here – replied the confident leader, being followed by Kangin, who was still begging forgiveness, although Leeteuk was still not talking to him since he knew about the “business meeting” his dongsaeng had.


–And that’s all in “Kiss the Radio”. What were our plans for this Halloween? You’ll find our this Monday, same dial, same hour – said Leeteuk finishing the show.

And with the schedule for the day was over with their obligations, so it was time for their Halloween night.

–Remember you have to be at home before 12. Don’t talk to strangers and…

–Hyung, we’re not little kids – said Eunhyuk after many more indications.

–You’re right. Kids use costumes size S. You know what I mean.

–Don’t worry, hyung. We’re just going for candy, can’t happen anything wrong there.

– Right. I can thrust you and let you go alone… NOT! Fortunately I already took the precautions. I told Siwon-ah to make you company.

–But hyung! We don’t need a chaperone. And we’re older than Siwon-ah.

–Hey. It’s that or Manager hyung goes with you two.

Eunhyuk made a face, thinking it for a while and finally had to concede.

–Fine. The three of us can go.

After getting almost ten advices and precautions from his worried leader, Eunhyuk hurried to the parking lot, where Donghae and Siwon were waiting inside the car. Donghae was already using a ninja costume, with all the black attire, including the mask. The same exact outfit Eunhyuk also was wearing.

–I thought you didn’t like Halloween, Siwon-ah – said Donghae by the seventh time since the younger one told him he had to tag along by Leeteuk’s orders.

–That’s right… But you know Teukie-hyung is only worried if something happens while you’re asking for candy. Besides… There’s nobody at home and everyone else is going to the Company Party or they’re going to watch more of those dead movies and… – it was obvious Siwon didn’t want to be alone tonight.

–Uhm… fine. But we warn you that we have our own agenda, so get ready for anything – advised Eunhyuk.

Even thought Siwon didn’t understand why Eunhyuk was telling him that, the wide smile on Donghae’s face didn’t inspire any confidence, but he just ignored it. Turned on the car and went to the residential neighborhood.


–Doors? – listed Sungmin.

–Closed – checked Kyuhyun.


–Turned off until tomorrow.

–Hyukie and Hae?

–Put with Siwon-ssi.

–The others?

–At the Company Party. They won’t be returning in a few more hours.


–Ready – replied Shindong from the kitchen, with a dozen or so of packages.

–Saw, Leprechaun, Bloody Valentine, Hostel and Blood Night 3?


–Barf Bucket?

–I doubt somebody will need it anyway – answered Kibum.

The four of them agreed to have their own gore-marathon. They saved the heavy guns for that night, because they were the only ones with strong stomachs to endure gallons of fake blood and psychological thrills.

–Then get prepared for the best night of killing of the decade – proclaimed a very enthusiastic Sungmin, pressing the Play button to start the first run.


–So… Do you have a lot of experience? – asked the female producer.

Kangin gulped and tried to look tranquil, even if it was difficult to stay like that, but the nervous state from being talking with a gorgeous female executive from SBS. Elegant, slightly older than him and very, very sexy. What Miss Ahn never said was that the creative reunion was going to be at her place, that both of them would be practically alone and that the woman was going to be staring at him provocative.

–Uhm… I’ve had some. But I put all my heart every time – answered, scooting more to the other side of the couch.

–I’m glad you’re so passionate about acting, Youngwoon-ssi.

–Right… acting. Always important – slapped himself mentally, when it was just himself giving the double entendre to the question. What was he thinking? Everything was a professional meeting. Fame was no good for his mind.

–Dinner is ready, Ahn-ssi – said the butler.

–Perfect. Accompany me to dinner, Youngwoon-ssi. You must be hungry.

–I don’t want to bother, Ahn-ssi.

Kangin looked at the tasty food at the table. Definitely was a refined lady, although the Goosebumps were not going away. Stupid dongsaengs, getting him strange ideas. The “Mrs. Robinson” kind only existed in soap operas, he was getting paranoid. When the dinner started, the conversation became more fluid. Kangin kept eating the delicious food, without distinguishing a funny flavor on it.

–There are very few men like you, Youngwoon-ssi. You’re truly unique – said the smiling woman.

–Feeling flattered, Ahn-ssi – said when he finished his starter – And what’s this new show you’re planning?

–Definitely it’s an ambitious project that requires celebrities, specially men in good shape like you, Youngwoon-ssi. You have the perfect type we need for the show.

Kangin couldn’t pay attention to the details. It all became blurry suddenly and the world was spinning somehow. His sight was weak and couldn’t distinguish the face of the person talking to him. When everything turned black, his body fell flat to the ground. He didn’t know what was happening anymore.


–This party is… – Ryeowook took a sip of his soda.

–Boring as hell – completed Heechul.

–At least we’re not like hyung right now – commented Hankyung, looking at Leeteuk and a senior producer, who wouldn’t shut up for a bit, while the leader kept nodding his head and his mind in another place. In that moment he couldn’t help but wondering if Youngwoon was with that female producer or what they could be doing.

–Hey, not all of you are here? – noted Yunho, joining the small Super Junior group.

–You mean the Gore-freaks? They locked themselves in the dorms for a gore-plotless-fest – replied a bored Heechul – And now I think about it, that is a million times better than going Trick or Treat.


Siwon imagined to receive at list a couple of coffee candy or even those carrot sticks from one of those vegan families from the block, but instead he still couldn’t assimilate the reality of the moment. He had to knew the black outfits had a purpose and from now on, All Saints Day, he would start his peregrination to Vatican City if they got out of trouble without a scratch.

–This is not exactly “Trick or Treat”, Donghae-ssi – said the gentleman in an effort to “reason”.

–Nope. This is payback with taxes – declared Donghae, while getting water balloons from a bag.

–Long time ago, we did a black list of the houses that didn’t give us candy, but we couldn’t do “Trick” yet because we were still trainees – explained Eunhyuk, who was checking the weaponry of toilet paper and eggs.

–Bu-but hyung… What if we get caught? – tried to persuade Siwon – I don’t even have a costume and I have to tag along.

–Don’t worry, I’ve already thought about it, Siwon-ah – and that said, the fish grabbed some thick glasses with a big plastic nose and a mustache and put them on Siwon – Perfect. That way you’ll be disguised too.

–But it’s wrong covering houses in toilet paper or eggs. Shepherd Kim always says…

–Look, there’s Mr. Yoon’s house – said Donghae, making Siwon step the breaks three blocks from the target – And this one is for the 30 points in my algebra test.

The three of them hid on their seats and surveyed how the old man went to yell some kids to stay away from his yard. When the old man went inside, the three guys quickly stepped away from the car, although Siwon was been dragged by his band mates, who here equipped with toilet paper and water balloons, which ended all over Mr. Yoon’s car. When they saw the old man about to come out, the group quickly returned to the car and got moving on full speed, leaving behind the angry man.

–Woohoooooooo! – screamed an excited Donghae – Trick or Trick!!

–Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! – kept repeating Siwon, driving as fast as the speed limit permitted him. He still couldn’t believe he was actively participating in vandalism. And now he was an accomplice. What would his father say? His mother? Sooman-ssi? Manager hyung? Leeteuk hyung? Shepherd Kim?

–That was awesome! Now Jonghee’s house is next. We’ll see who’s the crybaby now – said Eunhyuk, pulling out a bucket full of balloons.

Siwon prayed with all his heart for the night to be over soon. He didn’t even question when Donghae and Eunhyuk got time to pack his car full of weaponry.


–Ok, what I missed? – asked Shindong, returning from the toilet.

–There’s already the part of the torture chamber and the Japanese girl has her eye hanging out of her eye socket – Sungmin recapped quickly.

–Here comes the train – said Kyuhyun, without looking away from the screen.

The four of them voiced a “Whoa!” after the scene, while eating the popcorn totally unfazed. They already watched all those movies a thousand times, so the marathon was mainly to compare which one had the best effects.

They were about to get to the climax of the movie, when the main character was about to cut the sadist’s fingers, and suddenly a general blackout happened, and everything turned dark, while a loud scream was heard from inside the dorm, scaring the four boys for the first time of the day.

–What was that?! – said Sungmin, hugging Kyuhyun in a reflex. When he noticed what he was doing and the smirk in Kyuhyun’s face, Sungmin dropped him.

–Came from the back room… – said Kibum, trying to remain cool.

–But… We’re supposed to be alone here… – Shindong gulped. He could swear his heart went up his throat – And… What if someone sneaked through the window?

–Someone has to go and see – concluded Sungmin – You go first, Kyu.

–What? Why me? You’re the martial arts expert, hyung.

–We all be going – interrupted Kibum.

The four guys armed with the brooms and other sharp objects they could find and went carefully to the bedroom where the scream came from. Counting three, Sungmin, who was in front with a baseball bat, opened the door and both the group and the stranger shouted loud.


He recovered the vision slowly. The room he was in looked like some kind of cold and moist basement. He tried to touch his head with his hand, but he couldn’t. His hands were tied to his back and also were his ankles. The last thing he remembered was the dinner with Miss Ahn at her place, the rest of the hours were completely black.

Kangin tried to look for a clue of where he was, until he found a note in the floor. He crawled to read it carefully.

“Youngwoon-ssi. This is the new challenge. Happens to be that my favorite hobby is hunting and you have the perfect physical condition to run and hide, so this will be a great new propose for the show. You have all this mansion to hide or find the only exit unlocked. If you get to survive, we will be able to make the best reality game ever. Try to not die so soon.”


To be Continued