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Algunas historias de Halloween

Titulo del fic: Algunas historias de Halloween
Serie: (2/2)
Parejas: Varias
Tipo: Crack
Genero: Humor
Clasificación: G
Descripción: Cuando cada uno decide hacer planes por su cuenta el 31 de octubre, el Halloween no es lo único sobrenatural del día. Aquí está la conclusión de este emocionante fic. Comments, pls!! Feliz Halloween :D

Parte de la saga de Halloween: Algunas historias de Halloween, El Espíritu del Halloween (Kisung) y [13 Drabbles] Dulce o truco

Parte 1
Conclusión al Gore-a-thonCollapse )
Algunas historias de Halloween

Título del fic: Algunas historias de Halloween
Serie: (1/2)
Parejas: Varias
Tipo: Crack y "horror"
Genero: Humor
Clasificación: G
Descripción: Cuando cada uno decide hacer planes por su cuenta el 31 de octubre, el Halloween no es lo único sobrenatural del día. Este fic es realmente un Oneshot larguísimo, así que no se exasperen, el camino es largo, por eso preferí partirlo a la mitad para no dejarlo en el olvido y comprometerme a terminarlo antes de Halloween. Comments, pls!! Feliz Halloween :D

Parte de la saga de Halloween: Algunas historias de Halloween, El Espíritu del Halloween (Kisung) y [13 Drabbles] Dulce o truco

Cuando todos deciden hacer planes de truco o truco...Collapse )

Parte 2
Algunas historias de Halloween (English ver.)
Some Halloween Tales

Title: Some Halloween Tales
Series: 1/2
Original Date: October 2009
Pairings: KangTeuk (Tsundere Teuk rlz), Kyumin, Ninja!Eunhae, Slight!YeBum
Genre: Humor-Crack
Rating: PG-13
Description: When each one of them decided to make plans separately for October 31st, Halloween is not the only supernatural event of the day. Happy Halloween :D

The one were Super Junior Tricks or Tricks and survive Gore-a-thonsCollapse )
Mientras aún quede café (English Version)
While there’s still coffee

Title: While there’s still coffee
Series: One-shot
Author: Mochita-chan
Pairs: KangSung (mentions of broken!KangTeuk, Onesided!YeTeuk and TeukSora)
Type: Romance, Comfort
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Banned from any bar of Korea after his return, Kangin will find the less expected place to drown sorrows.

We need more 2woon fics in the world.Collapse )

One of the topics I'm most up to on regular basis are news and videos relating to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. What's that? The site is a collective of independent Internet video producers and most of the site's common focus is the reviewing of media and comedy, most of the content is related to talking about other type of works, being one of the founders and most popular producers "The Nostalgia Critic" , created by Doug and Rob Walker, which riffed and reviewed movies and some tv shows from the 80s-90s.
The aspects I like the most about TGWTG videos are that many of the topics I can relate, since I am considered inside the demographic in group age, tastes and hobbies, and the comedic timing of most of the videos. I am even title card artist for two of the site's producers (The Blockbuster Buster and Y Ruler of Time), also a big fan of them.

After that brief explanation of why I'm approaching the subject, I need to talk about yesterday's most recent news, namely The Nostalgia Critic returning on february and the speculated cancelation of Demo Reel. As some might know, Demo Reel was the series that would take Nostalgia Critic's slot, but the fans didn't receive it well, one of the main reasons being production fails, "stale" script and mainly being not up to Nostalgia Critic's level. It had a sitcom structure which focused on the characters and the movie spoofs. On all those reasons I have to disagree, since it was one of the experimental projects and they're all more attached to a subjective taste preferences. I liked the show and it had to develop more. After six episodes, Doug finally released the video "The Review Must Go On", which by this point isn't a spoiler anymore, Nostalgia Critic would be renewed with a two episodes per month updates and extended time constraints on subjects extended.

I personally don't have any problem with it, I liked Nostalgia Critic and the send off in both To Boldly Flee and Scooby-Doo were well developed, so him returning after all this doesn't create on my that much hype I thought I would get. Don't misunderstand me, I'm really happy and I will look forward for the next episodes. The reasons also take me to the other flipside: The aparently cancellation of Demo Reel. I am aware that it didn't have great acceptance between Doug's fans, but I really liked the show. The leads were funny, I found the jokes and the situations entertaining and I could see it was trying to build up to something, and mostly because I really wanted to watch more genres and formats on the site that are not focused on reviewing.

The reason I am not that excited over these facts is because of the one thing I always despised of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses: The average commentators.

I'll ellaborate: Opinions of people online can vary ranges in every aspect: radical to flexible, ellocuent to one-liners, constructive-criticism to plain-trolling. In case of the commentators at the site, I have a personal dislike for the average: most of them take the Nostalgia Critic or other producer's opinions as their own, they create a lot of unnecesary hype over anything related to the movies discussed, and more are caustic because most think they are as critical and wise. There's also the fact that if a reviewer didn't like a certain movie the masses love, they react in attack mode over their keyboards. And of course, most of them also react to a "bad video" on a personal level, acting like they payed for it, when it's just normal people taking the effort to film their own opinions in more original shapes. Of course I'm not saying all commenters are like that, because I know some that are reasonable and elloquent to explain their disagreements and accept the consequent response to the debate.

In this topic's case, most are overexcited about Nostalgia Critic returning, which sincerely is getting annoying very quickly, most are even starting to display their request lists of movies and dissing Demo Reel of being unfunny and better as killed off, while others criticize Doug's choice as a sell-out fan-pressured request and contradicted his own posture of venturing into new shows. Just for the record: both sides are childish and silly.

What comes will be ok and we all can still give opinions, always having some empathy with the subject and the people related to the content, which I reiterate most of the people on the Internet seem to lack of.

By my side, I am looking forward for the new season of Nostalgia Critic and the other producers of the site, who will continue to step up their games. Don't let the trolls discourage you, guys.

Reconcept starting now.

Hey, everyone. If you happen to read this entry, you maybe wondering what took me near four years to use my Livejournal account again.

I felt I owed some sort of use to this account, since I found great hours of entertainment, I updated even the most insignificant events of my life that maybe some could find amusing while others didn't care at all, I met interesting and nice people here, Livejournal gives the best source of fanfictions and download links ever... but that's just some of the reasons I'm still attached to it.

One of the burning questions would be why I left this space for nearly four years? There were lots of changes in every aspect: way I functioned online, introduction to Facebook as a more active network, more work and events that kept me busy enough and the most important: I suddenly realized I needed to change the way I express myself online. Sure, it's nice fangirling freely about current stuff I might obsess at the moment, but when reading again how I was back then, I didn't recognize the entries anymore. I remembered how I used to think when I didn't know any better and how I reacted to other people. 

I plan to re-estructure the way I use this journal, try to contribute with more elaborated opinions rather than just fangirl and type emoticons. I also want to fill more about original stuff I'm working on and what kind of media is inspiring me, entertaining me or I am related to in a way or another. For this I started cleaning my journal of most of my entries, for the sake of pputting more focus on this space and because I need to look in another direction without past influences. You can say I am a bit embarrased of the things I wrote back then, but I don't delete them either because I still need an anchor of reality that can remind me of humility and to be more empathetic to other point of views. I want to be more critical, but not crossing the jerkass barrier.

So I hope my future content will be more entertaining for all the ones reading. Basically I will discuss, riff on a variety of topics I'm a bit familiar with and post some fanfiction also.

So, for the friends, all I can say is... I'm back!

Air Gear Musical. My opinion is...

Status: Sick & Cold
MSN Tag: [☆モチタちゃん☆] [☆Mochita-chan^^☆] [ 幸村部長 | 宍戸さん | カズ様 ] T___T Baaaaka... Claro que eso es para mí T__T
Playing Now: Air Gear Musical

Well, I already watched all the AirGearMyu and I have two different opinions fighting inside me, so I'll put them in different areas...

The Musicals Fan Opinion:
I liked all the arrangements, choreographies, gear-acrobatics, etc.
KenKen, KENN and Kaji were awsome, and I didn't knew Tsuda Kenjirou was for those things xDDDD.
And I still have the songs attached to my brain xDDD... It's the 6th time of the day I played "Kogarasumaru Misan!" in my Mp3 Player and Winamp o__o...
KenKen knew how to make Ikki, and KENN IS KAZU by all his sides *_____*... I don't know if Kaji could use an AT in his head xDDDD, but he's too cute to be the fatass Onigiri character really is xD.
Nagashima Shuugo! I love that kid!! He made a really good Akito/Agito *____*. Even the voice was really near o.o

The Air Gear Manga Fan Opinion:
Really... Air Gear without the girls and all the scientific explanation is... just a show... I really love Air Gear for all the plot and ALL characters. I know the musicals where there're only boys are popular between girls... But I really was waiting for more.
I really wanted to watch a real version of Ringo, Simca, Emily, Yayoi, Ton-chan, Rika, Benkei, etc. The plot without they is... well... just fanservice for female audience.
As the Tenimyu, I would liked to watch the manga plotline of Air Gear, but I know all the Parental Guide a entertainer business has to make... especially if we're talking about a Oh Great! manga xDDD

Important: I'm not saying that I didn't like the myu. In fact I loved it by the first side, but my second side is still unsatisfied...

Something the two sides agree is that... BACCUS IS A GAY TEAM! Watch the musical if you don't believe me (really, that was something I really expected by just reading in the Cast list a "Juliette" in a all-boys-musical xDDD).

Satoumizu Mood Theme!

Status: CreativeCreative & Sick Still sick =_=... and no voice either
MSN Tag: [☆モチタちゃん☆] [☆Mochita-chan^^☆] [ 氷帝 | ホスト部 | 小烏丸 チーム] [ 宍戸亮 | 幸村 精市 | 美鞍数馬/『カズ』 ] Fatal... Muda hasta dentro de dos semanas T_T
Playing Now: Mellow Candle (Weiss Kreuz - Weiss OVAs Ending)

I wanted to do some new Moods, and I thought... "I downloaded so much Satoumizu that we can see any type of faces". I wanted to share with anyone who wants them.

Satpumizu Mood Themes
Click on the Picture to download!

-Scans by leviosa8 & nana_chibi
-Instructions by blahchiharu
-Made by mochita_chan

Links, Crack and Fanfiction

Status: Dorky
MSN Tag: [Mochita-chan^^] Ganbare, Densha Otoko!
Playing Now:
Mr. Roboto (Styx)

Well, too much about me and weird stuff xD (As always, I'm giving "Thankyou" to all my good friends ^o^)

El tema del post de hoy es LINKS! Yep, un poco de todo para reír un rato...

1. Kings of the Mountain by Le Penguin

Rikkai Crack. Yanagi made a new train schedule: A special training in the mountains. Sanada is kissing Yukimura's ass describing all the details via cel, Yanagi is creepy and Jackal seems to be the only sane of that crew xD.
Rating: G
Warnings: Brain crack xD

2. Tenipuri Phone Messages by yukuro
Total Crack. All the tennis players have cellphones... How are their records and messages?
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Brain crack xD

3.The Uke Support Group by Le Penguin
(OR, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) Shishido reluctantly joins an Uke Support Group. Hilarity ensues.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Brain crack xD

4. Role Playing by Silver Sniper
Hyoutei fic. Hiyoshi is sad after breaking up with his girlfriend and all the team tries to cheer him up... Or they just try xD.
Rating: G
Warnings: Humor

5. Cosas que he aprendido a traves de los fics de HP by Sashka & PaolaWood
[Spanish] Harry Potter. Compilado de todos los refritos y demás fumadas de diversos fics de HP. Altamente recomendado, especialmente si odias los fics MarySue.
Rating: R
Warnings: Mas bien sería mejor preguntar "¿Qué no se menciona ahí?"

6. It's Fuji's by Kaoriin
[Spanish] Fuji Syusuke amaba a dos cosas en su vida: Tezuka Kunimitsu y su pequeño hermano Yuuta. Y Fuji es muy posesivo con las personas que quiere...
Rating: G+
Warnings: Fuji/Tezuka, Mizuki/Yuuta

7. Motivos por los que debo ser profesor de DCAO by Lluna
[Spanish] Harry Potter. Snape está escribiendo una carta para solicitar el puesto de profesor de DADA... O al menos trata xD.
Rating: G
Warnings: ... Creo que no xD

8. Segundo año by Abulafia
[Spanish] Davide, Ohtori, Kaneda y Kaidoh se reunen para rajar de sus parejas compañeros de dobles-senpais...
Rating: G
Warnings: Sólo dorkadas xD

Ya hay muchos fics, pero créanme que valen la pena (en especial los que están en negrita xDDDD)