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Air Gear Musical. My opinion is...

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Playing Now: Air Gear Musical

Well, I already watched all the AirGearMyu and I have two different opinions fighting inside me, so I'll put them in different areas...

The Musicals Fan Opinion:
I liked all the arrangements, choreographies, gear-acrobatics, etc.
KenKen, KENN and Kaji were awsome, and I didn't knew Tsuda Kenjirou was for those things xDDDD.
And I still have the songs attached to my brain xDDD... It's the 6th time of the day I played "Kogarasumaru Misan!" in my Mp3 Player and Winamp o__o...
KenKen knew how to make Ikki, and KENN IS KAZU by all his sides *_____*... I don't know if Kaji could use an AT in his head xDDDD, but he's too cute to be the fatass Onigiri character really is xD.
Nagashima Shuugo! I love that kid!! He made a really good Akito/Agito *____*. Even the voice was really near o.o

The Air Gear Manga Fan Opinion:
Really... Air Gear without the girls and all the scientific explanation is... just a show... I really love Air Gear for all the plot and ALL characters. I know the musicals where there're only boys are popular between girls... But I really was waiting for more.
I really wanted to watch a real version of Ringo, Simca, Emily, Yayoi, Ton-chan, Rika, Benkei, etc. The plot without they is... well... just fanservice for female audience.
As the Tenimyu, I would liked to watch the manga plotline of Air Gear, but I know all the Parental Guide a entertainer business has to make... especially if we're talking about a Oh Great! manga xDDD

Important: I'm not saying that I didn't like the myu. In fact I loved it by the first side, but my second side is still unsatisfied...

Something the two sides agree is that... BACCUS IS A GAY TEAM! Watch the musical if you don't believe me (really, that was something I really expected by just reading in the Cast list a "Juliette" in a all-boys-musical xDDD).


May. 9th, 2007 06:29 am (UTC)
I noticed another fact... After Boys Love, Matsumoto got another psycho-bitch role xDDDD

Those moments of Kazu are still recorded in my head (I think OhGreat started drawing him cute after 20 manga chapters o.o9)... He's even more bishounen than Ikki! (and he's called "Baby Face" :S )

Oh, of course. Why I forgot mentioning Onigiri xDDDD. And the weird fact is that Kaji's icon is a pig too o_o... Now I think about it... Kaji would suffered too much if he had to wear the AT on his head xDDDD. Well... At least Buccha's actor fit in the role as the brown pig.

Yeah, of course it really feels the absence of the Noyamano girls T_T (most important from them are Rika and Ringo, of course)... And specially when the manga is getting really good and more complicated.
May. 9th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
lol, yeah, I told my little sister I had AGmyu and the next words out of my mouth were 'and apparently Matsumoto should NOT be allowed near sharp objects'. He *can* play sane roles! I swear! ~points at Magirangers~ He was PERFECTLY sane there! ....well, except for that one episode where he had an emotional breakdown.

I'd have to go back and check, but Kazu was always pretty cute. He DID get cuter. It's kinda funny b/c when I heard Kenn was going to voice him in the anime I burst out laughing. All I could think was 'oh god, Kenn gets the uke's' ^_^;;.

Yeaaaah, wearing an AT on your head would be a little... hard to do. But there should be skirts for him to chase at least! Buccha's actor *does* suit the role, but I hate them just passing Buccha off like that. If they're gonna fill the stage with pretty boys they could have found him a body builder or something.

:( I wonder how long AGMyu will be able to continue. I mean, I've heard that the second myu has even MORE fanservice (down to various boys being kissed onstage) and that just... well it has a crowd but how long will they be interested? Tenimyu's run as long as it has because a) PoT has a pretty big fanbase, b) they're following the manga, c) the boys they chose appeal to the girls who watch, and d) the fanservice
May. 9th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
If I hear about Matsumoto doing a sane charac (and I hope without "confusing team", if you know what I mean xDDDD), I'll watch 3 mm in front of the screen xD.

On the first 5 chapters Kazu looks very common. He starts looking cute during the first fight against Buccha (after we see him without the hat by first time). KENN does great for his voice *__*... But it's confusing to search a propper seme for him... I think the only one could be Ikki (and by some facts, maybe Spitfire... I don't like very much the Sano/Kazu because it's obvious that Sano is obsessed with Ikki xD)

Maybe if the myu gets girl-cast, it will work better. If that did on Bleachmyu, then why don't on AGMyu?

With AG it's the first time I'm visualizing more Het than Yaoi o__o
May. 9th, 2007 06:55 am (UTC)
Like I said, Magirangers. Really. Except I kept slashing him with Hikaru-sensei. And like I said, that one episode.... -_- Well, he's in that movie with Shirota that's coming out this summer! We can hope for sanity!

As much as I like Sano/Kazu (and I did break sound barriers while reading their fight) I agree. He's too Ikki obsessed for it to work. Spitfire/Kazu definitely has it's merits. Master/Apprentice and all that. And Ikki/Kazu I can see as UST, and while I can get them to the sex... Ikki's too in love with girls. ^_^ I actually think Agito/Kazu could work.

That *did* make Bleachmyu bearable, so we'll have to see. They're still not following anything close to the manga though.

XD See, I can't turn off the yaoi goggles. No matter how much something is BLATANTLY het, I can find the one barely implied yaoi pairing.
May. 9th, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)
Well, that's depending of the fandom, the series... or how many girls there're xD. About Kazu being het, the only option is Emily. And for Ikki... he has a row xDDDD. I have to find a goof fic of Ikki/Kazu xDDD. Agito is in love with Akito, and he's in love with Ikki (that makes... 5 fangirls/boys for Ikki xD)

But watching AG as romance stuff, the only solid relationship there is the Sora/Rika. The others are still with lots to work on xDDDD. Kazu doesn't realize yet about Emily, and Ikki is a baka (poor Ringo, she doesn't have the fault that Ikki looks chests first xDDD), Spitfire is an estilyst and Akito crossdressing everytime he has a chance... that gives too much to think about the men xDDDD.

I can't turn it off either xD. But I'm not that much about crack pairs. I'm always looking for the "Why them?". AG is like many of the OhGreat! stuff: breasts, ecchi, data explanation and fights.