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Air Gear Musical. My opinion is...

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Playing Now: Air Gear Musical

Well, I already watched all the AirGearMyu and I have two different opinions fighting inside me, so I'll put them in different areas...

The Musicals Fan Opinion:
I liked all the arrangements, choreographies, gear-acrobatics, etc.
KenKen, KENN and Kaji were awsome, and I didn't knew Tsuda Kenjirou was for those things xDDDD.
And I still have the songs attached to my brain xDDD... It's the 6th time of the day I played "Kogarasumaru Misan!" in my Mp3 Player and Winamp o__o...
KenKen knew how to make Ikki, and KENN IS KAZU by all his sides *_____*... I don't know if Kaji could use an AT in his head xDDDD, but he's too cute to be the fatass Onigiri character really is xD.
Nagashima Shuugo! I love that kid!! He made a really good Akito/Agito *____*. Even the voice was really near o.o

The Air Gear Manga Fan Opinion:
Really... Air Gear without the girls and all the scientific explanation is... just a show... I really love Air Gear for all the plot and ALL characters. I know the musicals where there're only boys are popular between girls... But I really was waiting for more.
I really wanted to watch a real version of Ringo, Simca, Emily, Yayoi, Ton-chan, Rika, Benkei, etc. The plot without they is... well... just fanservice for female audience.
As the Tenimyu, I would liked to watch the manga plotline of Air Gear, but I know all the Parental Guide a entertainer business has to make... especially if we're talking about a Oh Great! manga xDDD

Important: I'm not saying that I didn't like the myu. In fact I loved it by the first side, but my second side is still unsatisfied...

Something the two sides agree is that... BACCUS IS A GAY TEAM! Watch the musical if you don't believe me (really, that was something I really expected by just reading in the Cast list a "Juliette" in a all-boys-musical xDDD).


May. 9th, 2007 06:55 am (UTC)
Like I said, Magirangers. Really. Except I kept slashing him with Hikaru-sensei. And like I said, that one episode.... -_- Well, he's in that movie with Shirota that's coming out this summer! We can hope for sanity!

As much as I like Sano/Kazu (and I did break sound barriers while reading their fight) I agree. He's too Ikki obsessed for it to work. Spitfire/Kazu definitely has it's merits. Master/Apprentice and all that. And Ikki/Kazu I can see as UST, and while I can get them to the sex... Ikki's too in love with girls. ^_^ I actually think Agito/Kazu could work.

That *did* make Bleachmyu bearable, so we'll have to see. They're still not following anything close to the manga though.

XD See, I can't turn off the yaoi goggles. No matter how much something is BLATANTLY het, I can find the one barely implied yaoi pairing.
May. 9th, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)
Well, that's depending of the fandom, the series... or how many girls there're xD. About Kazu being het, the only option is Emily. And for Ikki... he has a row xDDDD. I have to find a goof fic of Ikki/Kazu xDDD. Agito is in love with Akito, and he's in love with Ikki (that makes... 5 fangirls/boys for Ikki xD)

But watching AG as romance stuff, the only solid relationship there is the Sora/Rika. The others are still with lots to work on xDDDD. Kazu doesn't realize yet about Emily, and Ikki is a baka (poor Ringo, she doesn't have the fault that Ikki looks chests first xDDD), Spitfire is an estilyst and Akito crossdressing everytime he has a chance... that gives too much to think about the men xDDDD.

I can't turn it off either xD. But I'm not that much about crack pairs. I'm always looking for the "Why them?". AG is like many of the OhGreat! stuff: breasts, ecchi, data explanation and fights.