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Reconcept starting now.

Hey, everyone. If you happen to read this entry, you maybe wondering what took me near four years to use my Livejournal account again.

I felt I owed some sort of use to this account, since I found great hours of entertainment, I updated even the most insignificant events of my life that maybe some could find amusing while others didn't care at all, I met interesting and nice people here, Livejournal gives the best source of fanfictions and download links ever... but that's just some of the reasons I'm still attached to it.

One of the burning questions would be why I left this space for nearly four years? There were lots of changes in every aspect: way I functioned online, introduction to Facebook as a more active network, more work and events that kept me busy enough and the most important: I suddenly realized I needed to change the way I express myself online. Sure, it's nice fangirling freely about current stuff I might obsess at the moment, but when reading again how I was back then, I didn't recognize the entries anymore. I remembered how I used to think when I didn't know any better and how I reacted to other people. 

I plan to re-estructure the way I use this journal, try to contribute with more elaborated opinions rather than just fangirl and type emoticons. I also want to fill more about original stuff I'm working on and what kind of media is inspiring me, entertaining me or I am related to in a way or another. For this I started cleaning my journal of most of my entries, for the sake of pputting more focus on this space and because I need to look in another direction without past influences. You can say I am a bit embarrased of the things I wrote back then, but I don't delete them either because I still need an anchor of reality that can remind me of humility and to be more empathetic to other point of views. I want to be more critical, but not crossing the jerkass barrier.

So I hope my future content will be more entertaining for all the ones reading. Basically I will discuss, riff on a variety of topics I'm a bit familiar with and post some fanfiction also.

So, for the friends, all I can say is... I'm back!