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One of the topics I'm most up to on regular basis are news and videos relating to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. What's that? The site is a collective of independent Internet video producers and most of the site's common focus is the reviewing of media and comedy, most of the content is related to talking about other type of works, being one of the founders and most popular producers "The Nostalgia Critic" , created by Doug and Rob Walker, which riffed and reviewed movies and some tv shows from the 80s-90s.
The aspects I like the most about TGWTG videos are that many of the topics I can relate, since I am considered inside the demographic in group age, tastes and hobbies, and the comedic timing of most of the videos. I am even title card artist for two of the site's producers (The Blockbuster Buster and Y Ruler of Time), also a big fan of them.

After that brief explanation of why I'm approaching the subject, I need to talk about yesterday's most recent news, namely The Nostalgia Critic returning on february and the speculated cancelation of Demo Reel. As some might know, Demo Reel was the series that would take Nostalgia Critic's slot, but the fans didn't receive it well, one of the main reasons being production fails, "stale" script and mainly being not up to Nostalgia Critic's level. It had a sitcom structure which focused on the characters and the movie spoofs. On all those reasons I have to disagree, since it was one of the experimental projects and they're all more attached to a subjective taste preferences. I liked the show and it had to develop more. After six episodes, Doug finally released the video "The Review Must Go On", which by this point isn't a spoiler anymore, Nostalgia Critic would be renewed with a two episodes per month updates and extended time constraints on subjects extended.

I personally don't have any problem with it, I liked Nostalgia Critic and the send off in both To Boldly Flee and Scooby-Doo were well developed, so him returning after all this doesn't create on my that much hype I thought I would get. Don't misunderstand me, I'm really happy and I will look forward for the next episodes. The reasons also take me to the other flipside: The aparently cancellation of Demo Reel. I am aware that it didn't have great acceptance between Doug's fans, but I really liked the show. The leads were funny, I found the jokes and the situations entertaining and I could see it was trying to build up to something, and mostly because I really wanted to watch more genres and formats on the site that are not focused on reviewing.

The reason I am not that excited over these facts is because of the one thing I always despised of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses: The average commentators.

I'll ellaborate: Opinions of people online can vary ranges in every aspect: radical to flexible, ellocuent to one-liners, constructive-criticism to plain-trolling. In case of the commentators at the site, I have a personal dislike for the average: most of them take the Nostalgia Critic or other producer's opinions as their own, they create a lot of unnecesary hype over anything related to the movies discussed, and more are caustic because most think they are as critical and wise. There's also the fact that if a reviewer didn't like a certain movie the masses love, they react in attack mode over their keyboards. And of course, most of them also react to a "bad video" on a personal level, acting like they payed for it, when it's just normal people taking the effort to film their own opinions in more original shapes. Of course I'm not saying all commenters are like that, because I know some that are reasonable and elloquent to explain their disagreements and accept the consequent response to the debate.

In this topic's case, most are overexcited about Nostalgia Critic returning, which sincerely is getting annoying very quickly, most are even starting to display their request lists of movies and dissing Demo Reel of being unfunny and better as killed off, while others criticize Doug's choice as a sell-out fan-pressured request and contradicted his own posture of venturing into new shows. Just for the record: both sides are childish and silly.

What comes will be ok and we all can still give opinions, always having some empathy with the subject and the people related to the content, which I reiterate most of the people on the Internet seem to lack of.

By my side, I am looking forward for the new season of Nostalgia Critic and the other producers of the site, who will continue to step up their games. Don't let the trolls discourage you, guys.